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Unlocking the power of intel and evidence:

The Ocean Insight and Strategy Unit (ISU) provides research, analysis and strategic thinking to drive forward ocean-climate action.

We seek to inform NGOs, philanthropists, campaigners and other ocean advocates on effective approaches to influence and engagement.

We aim to level the playing field of ocean communication by democratising access to insight and research on how to achieve action for a healthy ocean.

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Why is research and evidence important?

With the scale of the challenge facing ocean health, we need to ensure that our approaches are strategic, efficient and impactful.

Research and insight can help us 1) Define the challenge we face; 2) Identify the target audience; 3) Create effective messages and content; and 4) Monitor, evaluate and improve the impact of our approach.

Research, intelligence and evidence are already a vital part of strategic communications across a variety of different global sectors, from commercial marketing to peacebuilding to public health. It is time for us to raise the bar.


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The Ocean ISU team conducts ground-breaking studies, generates strategic guidance and collaborates with global networks to empower the ocean community. Eager to unlock the power of intel and evidence to shape your next campaign?

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