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30 x 30


The push to protect 30 percent of the global ocean by 2023, also referred to as 30×30 and 30by30, is a campaign message being adopted by a range of voices across the ocean world. We commissioned a digital media report to understand the communications landscape around 30×30 and marine protected areas, in order to equip OneOcean Flotilla members with insight and guidance on linking their individual campaigns to the 30×30 message.

The press and social media report examined 23.3k articles and posts from print/online media and available social media in English, French and Spanish.


Highlights from the report include:

  • Evidence of the growing baseline of volume of 30×30 and MPA content, with coverage outside key moments.
  • Widespread use of 30×30 and MPAs as a secondary issue in articles that have a more specific geographical or issue focus.
  • Biodiversity, climate change, ocean justice and fishing practices are issues closely associated with 30×30 narratives.