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Guidance Note: The JEDI Principles

Ocean ISU

Incorporating JEDI Principles into “Advancing Strategic Ocean Communication” Project

The objective of this guidance note is to provide a framework for integrating Justice, Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) principles into the “Advancing Strategic Ocean Communication” project, including the thematic chapter groups, from the outset of their deliberations. The chapter groups—Scaling Up Investment, Messaging and Messengers, Research and Evidence, and Training—play a crucial role in advancing the practice of strategic communications within the ocean community.

As part of the “Advancing Strategic Ocean Communication” project a JEDI Advisory Board has been established to provide regular advice, guidance, feedback and critique to inform the approach of the project. The advisory board have devised the following JEDI principles: 

  1. Establishing JEDI Principles for the Project:

Before delving into specific strategies, it’s essential to establish a clear understanding of JEDI principles within each chapter group and the project as a whole. This entails defining justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion within the context of ocean communication and recognizing their importance in achieving impactful outcomes.

  1. Integrating JEDI into Chapter Group Objectives:

Each chapter group should explicitly incorporate JEDI principles into their objectives, and be accompanied by a member of the JEDI Board who will sit in on the chapter group meetings and provide guidance as needed, reporting from and to the JEDI Board. This will be crucial as each group identifies how justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion intersect with their thematic areas and outlining strategies to address any existing constraints or disparities.

  1. Ensuring Diverse Representation:

When deliberating and developing proposals and solutions as part of the project, the core project team and chapter groups should prioritize diversity in terms of geographical location, professional background, gender, ethnicity, and other relevant factors. This diversity fosters a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to ocean communication, ensuring that diverse perspectives are considered and valued.

  1. Cultivating Inclusive Processes:

Create an inclusive environment within chapter groups by fostering open communication, active listening, and respectful dialogue. Encourage all members to contribute their perspectives and experiences, ensuring that voices from marginalized or underrepresented groups are heard and respected. The JEDI focal point within each chapter group will work closely with the group lead to find the best way to ensure inclusivity in the process as well as course-correct if needed.

  1. Incorporating Equity Considerations:

Consider equity implications in all aspects of the project and chapter groups’ recommendations, including resource allocation, decision-making processes, and the development of communication strategies. Identify and address any existing disparities or barriers that may hinder equitable participation or access to resources.

  1. Developing Culturally Responsive Strategies:

Tailor recommendations – in particular for the Messaging and Messengers chapter group – to be culturally responsive and sensitive to the diverse backgrounds and perspectives within the ocean community. This may involve translating materials into multiple languages, respecting and embracing Indigenous knowledge systems, and recognizing cultural nuances in messaging and outreach efforts.

  1. Monitoring and Evaluation:

The JEDI Board will work within the project as a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating the integration of JEDI principles into chapter group activities and recommendations, and project outcomes, regularly assessing progress towards equity, diversity, and inclusion goals, and adjust strategies as needed to address any emerging challenges or gaps.


En español: Nota orientativa: Incorporación de los Principios JEDI al proyecto de Fomento de la Comunicación Estratégica en torno a los Océanos

En français: Note d’orientation : Intégrer les principes JEDI dans le projet « Améliorer la communication stratégique sur l’océan »

Em português: Nota de Orientação: Incorporação dos princípios JEDI no projeto de “Promoção da Comunicação Estratégica para os Oceanos”


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