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Creating a united front to amplify the ocean


In the words of the #OceanInTheRoom campaign, ‘Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, the ocean is with you’.

Effective, large-scale ocean protection has never been more urgently needed – but in order to actually achieve it, the diverse actors of the ocean protection community need to work together for aligned, impactful communication that raises the voice of the ocean. That’s why the David and Lucille Packard Foundation worked with Communications INC to set up the OneOcean Flotilla.


There are organisations all over the world working on ocean protection, but often voices and campaigns on the multitude of ocean issues are siloed. In addition to this, many individual organisations do not have the resource or expertise to communicate at the pace and scale required to address the challenges faced by the ocean. Bring the ocean NGO community together, though, and effective messages can be agreed and amplified through the reach and resources of a global network: that was our objective when we used our contacts and convening power to create the OneOcean Flotilla. Through this international group of NGOs and coalitions, the ongoing goal is to influence ocean protection through aligned, impactful communication, sailing with a common purpose and raising our flag together at key moments.

Approach and delivery

There are three core areas to Communications INC’s work with the OneOcean Flotilla. The first is analysis: we monitor ocean issues across digital and traditional media, and work with the Flotilla to craft unified messaging that will resonate with the public and decision-makers. We produce regular briefings, taking in everything from social media analysis to academic developments and issues in the news, so everyone involved in the network benefits from cutting edge ocean understanding and awareness. Next are activities: thanks to its scale, the OneOcean Flotilla is always a presence at major global events. This is a great way for members to join the conversation about crucial issues on an international stage – and because those voices are unified behind clear and effective messages, they come through far louder. Finally, we provide Flotilla members with specialist communications resources, from campaigns to social media toolkits to suggested blog posts, for use during these events and for a range of other purposes.

The #OceanInTheRoom campaign, for example, raised the combined voice and profile of the ocean community at international climate events.


The OneOcean Flotilla now counts around 100 members and has a presence on five continents. Its reach and influence continues to grow: engagement is increasing all the time on social media, and it is mentioned regularly in the news. The work of the Flotilla has ensured that at key moments in the international campaign agenda, the ocean voice has been more united and therefore more impactful than ever before. While it’s harder to quantify its direct impact, the Flotilla has undeniably played a leading role in bringing people together and driving the dialogue on ocean protection.