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Welcome to the Ocean Insight and Strategy Unit (ISU)

Ocean ISU

For several years now, Communications INC has been championing an evidence-based approach to strategic communication. We are delighted to announce that this ongoing commitment has now been formalised through the establishment of a dedicated Ocean Insight and Strategy Unit.

At Communications INC, we use research, insight and intelligence from our partners across the ocean-climate sector to help us identify communications challenges and develop smart responses to address them. Research and insight can cover a broad range of information, from focus groups and public opinion data, to media monitoring and online listening, to the anecdotal feedback we receive from the OneOcean Flotilla network of around one hundred ocean NGOs across the globe. It is insight that ensures our communications approaches reach the audiences we want, at the scale we need, with the impact we require.

We know that strategic communications practices in other sectors, from health to peacebuilding to political campaigning, already rely heavily on research-led approaches. We want to support the ocean sector to do the same.

Through the work of the Ocean Insight and Strategy Unit we seek to:

  • Provide research, analysis and strategic thinking to drive forward ocean-climate action.
  • Inform NGOs, philanthropists, campaigners and other ocean advocates on effective approaches to influence and engagement.
  • Level the playing field of ocean communication by democratising access to insight and research on how to achieve action for a healthy ocean.


We welcome contact to discuss potential collaboration or talk more about our work. Please contact the Director of the Ocean Insight and Strategy Unit Natalie Hart on