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Communications Symposium Insight Analysis Paper

Ocean ISU

What did we learn from the Communications Symposium?

Cover photo of the Insight Analysis Paper on the Communications Symposium at the UN Ocean Decade Conference.

The Communications Symposium was an official satellite event of the UN Ocean Decade Conference, held on 8th and 9th April 2024. The event was attended by fifty-three carefully selected communicators from twenty-six countries, covering a range of backgrounds, sectors and ocean issues. The two days were centered around the key question ‘How can we more effectively use strategic communications to achieve action for the ocean?’

The event was structured around five key themes, which are the pillars of the wider Advancing Strategic Ocean Communication project. For each session, there were three to four spotlight speakers, followed by moderated discussion groups of six to eight people around key questions leading to recommended actions, solutions and opportunities that the project might address.

The first session was on the use of research to understand audiences, and how this can help us to design strategic communication campaigns. The second session was on messages and messengers, and focused on how to effectively reach audiences – who needs to say what, to whom, to achieve impact, and how do we figure this out. The third session on training and education, looked at how we can better upskill different types of messengers to communicate on ocean issues more effectively. The fourth session was on scaling up, considering how we can ensure that we are reaching target audiences at scale, and with the most effective possible communications, to achieve maximum impact. And the fifth theme, split into two sessions, was around justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in ocean communication. 

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The Communications Symposium Insight Analysis Paper is also available in French and in Spanish, and will soon be available in Portuguese.


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